Thursday, May 1, 2014

project 16

This is group Las Vegas. Our names are Kelsey, Nancee, Angela, and Kevin. This was our final project in Edm310. We chose the theme roller coaster because it explains all the ups and downs in Edm310. I really enjoyed this class and learned alot of things.
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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Helen attends school at Pt England school she is eight years old. She posted on her blog s storyboard. I thought it was a very good storyboard that was about an empathy movie. I told her she had done a wonderful job on it. I thought it was a very creative blog.
Tevita is six years old and also attends school at Pt England school. Tevita posted a blog picture of a cabbage tree they were learning about. I had never heard of a cabbage tree. I asked Tevita what a cabbage tree was? I enjoyed seeing this picture though.
Ben is a student who attends Pt England school. He had a chrome book reflection on his blog that asked him several questions about what he liked and disliked about it. I liked reading this apparently it is some type of online tool they were using from what I gathered. I really enjoyed reading his post about it.

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I commented on TH P.E Geek's blog page. On the P.E Geek's blog you will find he has listed different apps and other tools you can use. These tools are to help the students with fitness and to stay healthy. He has different technology tools to help motivate the students to be more active. I wish I had some of these apps and tools when I was a child I would have worked out a lot more. I feel P.E is important for children to have in schools. The more active they are the healthier they will be.
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blog post 13

This assignment was to give an idea for blog post one for future classes. My idea is to do an interview with a student that has been in EDM 310. It would be interesting to see what others would say about it. I heard a mixture of good as well as bad things along the way. I was a little terrified in the beginning to see all the work there was do. Now that we are almost done with classes this semester I am glad I never gave up. I learned so much in this class and I am glad I did. I know how to do things even some teachers do not know how to do. I am very thankful I got the opportunity to be in this class. I am very thankful that I had such an amazing group to work with as well. An interview with a former student would help new students know what to look forward to. I was even intimidated by the email I received from DR.Strange before classes even started. I think if the student was to interview a former student it would help them not be so afraid of this class. I would like to say I have really enjoyed this class. They might ask the former students questions. Do you really spend nine hours on this class? I would say no you spend more. Questions to get them ready for the term so they do not wait until last minute to do things. This might help them also be able to have fun in this class. It really is not that hard as loing as you just do it.
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blog post #12

Technology has come a long way from when I was a student. Some teachers find technology a difficult change. I find it to be a very fun way to teach. My children like going to school now. Teachers have tons of resources they can use to help them through this journey. Pinterest has all kinds of lesson plan ideas for teachers. There is also Alex which has the Alabama standards and lesson plans to go with the standards. Discovery Education allows you to search for educational videos safely. Icurio is like the Google of education. Icurio allows you to use filtered search engines. Teachers can use Imovie for lessons to make it fun for the students. Smart board can be used for lessons to assist teachers as well. There are so many tools that teachers can use on their journey.

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Group Las Vegas Project 12B

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Blog Post 11

This is group Las Vegas blog post 11 video.

Teacher Interview with Mrs. Norwood

I did my interview with a teacher at Magnolia Springs. I hope you all enjoy watching. Mrs. Norwood is a wonderful teacher.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Mata is in Mrs.She's first grade class. She attends school at PT. England school in New Zealand. Mata has a blog post that is a video. In her video she seems to really enjoy her swimming class. I think it is a wonderful idea for schools to having swimming classes. I wish our school systems offered swimming courses for young students.

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Kura is nine years old and is in Mrs. Lavakula's class. She had a video with her blog just like Mata. Kura's blog post also was about her swimming class. She writes about how much she enjoys her swimming class and the different things she can do. I can not express how good I think it is for children to have swimming lessons. I really enjoyed both of the girls blogs about their swimming lessons.

C4T Post

This is Kathleen Morris.Image of Kathleen Morris
Click Here to see her blog

Kathleen is a teacher at Leopold Primary School in Australia. One of her blogs referred to how she wanted to implement blogs in her classroom. Kathleen enjoyed blogging and wanted her students to start blogging. In her blog she says "It is no longer enough to teach students how to read books and write on paper." I agree with this statement there is no way that would be good enough anymore. Technology needs to be implemented in every classroom. I believe if school systems or teachers do not start using technology in every classroom that we are not letting these students reach their full potential. Technology is advancing everyday and our students need to be prepared for the future.

Kathleen Morris wrote a blog titled "The 2014 New School Year." This year she will not be returning to school. She has been on maternity leave and had a baby. While she has been on her leave she has been blogging. She gives new or future teachers tips to help them. I really enjoyed reading her blog it was very insightful. I think she is one of the few teachers that really enjoy technology.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lesson Plan Project #15

Click here for project 15
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Blog Post # 10

What can we learn from Sir Ken Robinson? In this assignment we watched a video Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

Mr. Robinson thinks education needs to change. He thinks education systems are still stuck in the past. In my own experience I do see some teachers are just content with the way things are. I do think that educators need to be more open minded to move forward with education. We are being taught to be more involved with our students. The kids in our generation are smart and more advanced than my generation. In order to teach this generation we have to learn about what they love to do. I believe I will be one of those teachers that loves my job. Mr. Robinson mentions that you should be doing something you really have a passion for. I love kids and I love being around children. I love helping my own children with their school work. I really believe teaching is my passion. Mr.Robinson says we need to personalize our teaching with our individual students. Robinson thinks teachers and technology is the future of our education system. I think the future of our children is for education to move in a different direction. I have children in the Baldwin County school system and they have started to move forward. I can not wait to see the results of all these great changes.Image of Sir Ken Robinson
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Blog post #9

I love how Mrs. Cassidy has chosen to incorporate technology in her classroom. I think her having first graders make videos and do blogs is a wonderful idea. She puts the computers that were given to her class to very good use. Who would have ever thought a first grader would be blogging? I did not ever think that would happen. Mrs. Cassidy had to learn to use each of these tools and do research to find new and exciting things to do with technology in her classroom.

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Image that says Play Learn and grow together I think discussing the importance of safety on the internet with the students is very important. I am very glad as a parent and a future educator that Mrs. Cassidy stresses to her students the importance of being safe. There is all kinds of ways to use technology in a classroom and Mrs. Cassidy learned ways to use technology with her first graders. I would love to use blogging in my future class room it is a great idea to get this generation interested in writing.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blog Post 8

What is Edmodo? I did some research to find a tool to help students learn. Edmodo is an educational website that is like social networking. Teachers and Students can communicate and share ideas. It is free to use and a good way for parents and teachers as well. Teachers can incorporate this in the class room through reading assignments. This site can be used to create calendars or even grade assignments. I also read they can post a quiz for students to take. Edmodo can also be a great place for students to critique each others work and give feed back. I would use this tool in my future classroom to communicate with my students as well as their parents if I need to. It seems to be a good tool to use in my future classroom.Click here to View

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Project #14

My lesson plan is on the solar system.
Image of the solar system
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Click here to view my Google site.

Summary C4T #2

This is Heidi Siwak.Image of Heidi SiwakClick here to see her blog
She is a middle school teacher in Canada. The first week I read Ms.Siwak blog she took students to the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat in Toronto. She demonstrates how research was shown on communication pattern. Ms. Siwak then took this research back to her class and shared it with them. She had them do a similar project. I found it interesting that the students were explaining their conversations by what the one student had drawn in the pattern.
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I went back to her blog two weeks later. Ms.Siwak posted about how to get to students to come up with more creative ideas. She told her students to break up in pairs. She then gave them all Oreo cookies and told them to discuss how many different ways you can eat an Oreo cookie. Ms.Siwak then told her students to eat their cookie without using their hands. I love this idea she explains how many different ideas her students were coming up with. I really think this is a wonderful idea to get students thinking more creatively. I commented and told her I hope to use this idea in my future class room.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blog Post #7

This weeks driving question is "What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning From Randy Pausch?" In this video Mr.Pausch makes his last lecture very humorous. He keeps the audience's attention with his jokes and in this lesson. He tells his own personal stories of lessons he learned. Randy Pausch was discussing his football experience and how it was a learning experience for him stating "Most of what we learn, we learn indirectly." After graduating with his PHD, Randy Pausch started pursuing his dream job at Disney. He did not get the job. He explains how not getting his dream job is like a brick wall and states "Brick walls are there to see how bad you really want something." Do not give up on something you really want. Randy Pausch ended up being a professor at a college. In his classes he uses project based learning. He describes the students first projects were amazing and blew him away. Randy Pausch tells his students "Guys that was pretty good but I know you can do better." I think by him telling his students that they have no boundaries and they enjoyed what they were doing. I will diffidently be using that strategy with my students in the future.

I learned several things in this video such as use personal lessons and make it a learning experience. Try not to set boundaries for students and see what they can do. Help others on your journey to being a teacher. You can even learn new things from your students. Randy Pausch states in his lecture " The best gift an educator can give is to get someone to be self-reflective." I learned also that you can teach students something hard by doing something fun. The students do not even realize they are learning. In order to be an educator you need to be ready to be a lifelong learner. Don't be afraid of feedback. Take the feedback and learn from it.
Image of Randy Pausch
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Our group "Las Vegas" Chose to do our lesson plan on Hurricanes for the third grade. Here is the link to view our site.
The Eye Of The Storm
Image of a hurricane
Hurricane Photo

Friday, February 28, 2014

C4K summary

Jack wrote a blog about his day with Conner. The boys played a video game called Black Ops 2. Jack and Conner also watched Despicable Me 2. They were sad when Conner had to go home. I told Jack that my son loves that game. I told him how good i thought Despicable Me 2 was. I told Jack it seemed that he had a fun weekend.

Alexis had a survey on her blog. The survey was titled "All About Me". The survey had several questions on it. I told Alexis she did a wonderful job on her survey.

Liam wrote about having a match coming up in his blog. He had no idea who he was playing against. He hoped he was playing against a team he had already played against. I told Liam he was doing a great job on his blog. I also told him how much my children enjoy playing sports. I also told him that I was sure he would do well in his up coming match.

Carolina wrote a short story on her blog. Her blog was about an evil mother in law. She did a fantastic job with her story. I left her a comment telling her how much I enjoyed it.
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Blog Post #6

Personal learning networks are different people who you interact with online. I have a lot of friends and family online that I interact with online on a daily basis. I also have educators on my Facebook, twitter accounts as well. This can be useful to teachers because they can share with other educators ideas for lessons. Teachers can share fun ideas to do with their class rooms. Teachers can share projects with each other. PLN also helps educators by obtaining resources for the class room. Here is a video that discusses creating a PLN on twitter.

My first additions to my PLN would be educators. I always love others opinions and discussing different things with others.

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My Book Trailer

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Sentence is

Blog Post #5

For this blog we watched videos of Mr.Capps. He is a third grade teacher at Gulfshores Elementary school. He was discussing with Dr.Strange the direction that Baldwin County public schools are going in with teaching. He talked about the different tools the students were learning use for research and to help them better when they have projects. One of these tools was called Icurio. Icurio is a safe,and easier way for students to search the web. Icurio filters out the bad sites that students should not get on. I am a parent to a 4th grade student who attends a public school in Baldwin county. I liked watching the videos of Mr.Capps. I know my son will be bringing home a Mac Book this week. I loved hearing all the new things our school systems are coming up with to make sure our kids are getting the best education possible. The icurio is one of the best ideas I have heard. In my opinion, icurio sounds like a safe search tool for students. Mr.Capps also discussed a tool called Discover Ed. This is where the students can upload educational videos to help them with projects as well. I liked the projects he discussed as well. Mr.Capps seems to be leading his classroom in the right direction. I do think children learn better when they are more hands on. Mr.Capps also gave some good advice to future teachers like "Never limit your students". Mr.Capps also says "Let your work become a fun experience". I agree with that statement. Kids now are so different than they used to be. My son can work my ipad,computer,smartphone better than I. I am amazed with the way technology is going. I am also amazed at how much my child is learning in school using technology. I think PBL is leading these students to have very bright futures.
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Sunday, February 9, 2014

What do we need to know about asking questions to be an effective teacher?

Ben Johnson is the author of The Right Way to Ask A Question. He writes in this article about asking questions. Johnson says,"We present ourselves to be the ones with all the answers". When in fact teachers do not know everything. They will go through a lesson and then in turn ask the students questions about what they have just talked about. Why do teachers do this? They use this method as a learning strategy to make sure their students are comprehending, and listening to what they are teaching them. Everyone might not be learning what the teacher is teaching by this method. Johnson says,"Does Everybody Understand"? I have been in this situation. Some students feel embarrassed for some reason to ask a teacher questions if they need help for any reason. Johnson suggest to call on the students randomly to answer the questions. Using this technique will have all the students brains focusing.

In the article,Three Ways to Ask Better Questions In the Classroom, by Maryellen Weimer, There are Three ways to ask better questions. "Prepare the questions" the author explains that it is a lot better to prepare for class when you write down your questions before giving a lesson."Play with questions",says Weimer. After asking a question if some students do not understand move on to something else to get their brains jogging, and to help them better answer the question. The author also suggest saving good questions for other times. If a student has a really good question or even a teacher write it down and save it for when you may need it for another class. We need to understand as aspiring teachers that questions are the key ingredients to project based learning. We need to make our students understand how important it is to ask questions so they will be better prepared for their future as well.
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Project Based Learning Presentation

Summary for C4T

Mr. Brian Crosby wrote a blog about a science activity he did with students ranging from Pre-k to middle school. The students and their families did this project together. First, They took washers and paint stirring sticks and put them on a desk. Next, the students placed the washers one-by one, horizontally on the stirring stick until it was full. Finally, the students observed how many washers they could place on a stirring stick before it toppled off the edge. I found this to be a good science activity. The fact that family and friends were involved in this was awesome. In my opinion, group activities are more fun and the students seem to progress at an equal rate.

Mr. Crosby posted a blog called "Unleashing the Learning Power of Blogs By Actually Using Them Constantly". His blog gives his audience insight on how easy blogging actually is. All you need is time. He explains how you can use your blog to connect with friends and family as well as the outside world. His blog was very interesting to read considering I'm a first-time blogger. After getting used to blogging, it becomes easier.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Blog Post #3

When editing your peers, being positive is a very important factor. I learned in the clip, What Is Peer Editing?, It is imperative to be polite when commenting about your peers papers because there is no need to hurt someone’s feelings during the process. I learned from Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial,by Adriana Zardini, you need to compliment your peer’s paper. Personally, I am not one to hurt another person’s feelings. I do not feel comfortable giving someone negative criticism. If anything, I prefer to be constructive.

There are several things to look over while editing your peers paper such as grammar, punctuation, spelling. In my opinion, peer editing is a very good activity for students aspiring to be teachers. I like for someone to read my papers before I turn them in to an instructor. They can find errors that I have missed. In return, I can turn in a better product. It is important to add positive feedback when editing which I saw in the clip Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes. This will improve the writers confidence and will help them through the writing process.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

What Will Teaching in The 21st Century be like?

I watched a video,Mr.Dancealot, and this video would be the perfect example of why students cannot be taught some lessons with just lectures. Dancing is something that needs to be practiced over and over again until you learn the moves.In my opinion, direct instruction is not the best method to teach students how to dance. I think students should be hands on with things such as this so they can learn. I am a person who learns faster by doing things myself instead of being told how to do something. In the end of the video, the students did not know what to do or how to do any of the movements they were taught through direct instruction in class. I am sure if he would have demonstrated the dances to the students he would have received better results.

A wise Instructor once told me, "You will not teach the way you were taught" on the first day of class and I completely agree with him. Kevin Roberts, author of Teaching 21st Century Students, shows students have many different resources now to search and learn new things. Roberts mentions being creativity is not what it used to be. Today, creativity is technology. In the 21st Century a fantastic blog would be considered creative. Students in the 21st century are pretty much one button or click away from finding anything they want to know. He shows in the video questions people may have about the technology teachers are using in the class room. Is this the right way to be teaching students? I think so. Technology is getting more advanced every day. I think technology will really help students with their academics as well as everyday life. I know every time I have a question about anyone or anything I can always Google it. The author seems to think technology is going to play a huge role in the classrooms in the 21st Century. If this happens, I think it will make teachers jobs a little less stressful. I agree that students need to learn technology because this is their future.

The Network student, by Wendy Drexler, was a little overwhelming. I was very overwhelmed with this class reading just the syllabus. I watched this video and was amazed at all the things this student was doing using the Internet. This teacher guided him through it all though. She helped him when he needed and help and guided him in the right direction when he got caught up with something. She taught him differences in what information to use and not to use. I think this video is a great example that even though learning is moving forward with technology in the class room that students still need their teachers to help them.

I watched Harness Your Students’ Digital Smarts, by Vicki Davis, and learned that you do not have to know everything to be a teacher. Davis explains she is constantly learning new things in her class room. I have always agreed that students need to be taught with technology because it changes every day. My son will be bringing home a Mac book from school in the next week. His school is starting to teach them to learn using technology. I also feel that working together will help students to learn. This is giving the students more of a hands on experience instead of the teacher doing the research and everything for them. This way of learning will better prepare them for future.

Flipping The Classroom is very new to me. My son is in the fourth grade as well. I think that this process will help the students be ready for the next day. This will also help the teachers save time for class. The teachers will be able to walk in and start that days lesson and answer any of the students questions.image of people on computers I got this image from here